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Q. What is purchase process of PBM-Series?

A. 1st step: Tell us details of your products and purpose.
2nd step: Test compatibility with agent to find the best agent in our PBM-Series product lineup. 3rd step: Based on compatibility result, make test samples for tests, such as mold resistance test, anti-microbial test and disinfectant test, to find the best concentration ratio.

Q. Please tell me details of the tests.

A. In the process we often do mold resistance test, anti-microbial test, identification test, and bactericidal test. We can arrange the test such as changing test mold etc. , at affiliated laboratory.

Q. What kind of things should I check before using?

A. Liquid form agent, such as PBM-W and PBM-DS, shake well before using to disperse agent evenly.

Q. Tell me about concentration ratio.

A. The range is 0.1 to 2.0% but it depends on materials and method. To estimate ratio for your product, ask through inquiry.

Q. Is it possible to Knead PBM into plastic?

It is possible to knead. Before purchase, you can find best PBM for your product by consulting with us.


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