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Q. How can I buy PBM-Deo Spray and Deo Mist in my country?

A. For custermers in Japan, just visit our online shop. For custermers in oversea, please ask through the inquiry.

Q. Can I use PBM-Deo Spray in bathroom?

A. PBM-Deo Spray does not contain hardener, so it does not attach on surfaces. For bathroom, washroom, toilet, Osmotic Coating is the best agent. For the detail of Osmotic Coating, just click here.
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Q. What kind of things should I check before using?

A. Cover electronic devices, and take out the foods, drinks, tissues, and toys from room.

Q. How extensive a room is covered by a bottle.

A. 1 bottle is for eight to ten tatami mats in size.

Q. What kind of spaces are included in use application?

A. Deo mist is often used in garbage, smoking room to solves problems with odor. And Deo mist is also used in hospitals and hotels in Japan and oversea coutries.
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Q. What is purchase process of PBM-Series?

A. 1st step: Tell us details of your products and purpose.
2nd step: Test compatibility with agent to find the best agent in our PBM-Series product lineup. 3rd step: Based on compatibility result, make test samples for tests, such as mold resistance test, anti-microbial test and disinfectant test, to find the best concentration ratio.

Q. Please tell me details of the tests.

A. In the process we often do mold resistance test, anti-microbial test, identification test, and bactericidal test. We can arrange the test such as changing test mold etc. , at affiliated laboratory.
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Q. How can I buy PBM Marine?

A.PBM-Marine is sold by special price to test efficiency in different condition. To purchase the product, tell us the detail of your ship through inquiry.

Q. Is PBM-Marine ship-bottom paint?

A. PBM-Marine is not ship-bottom paint but additive agent for ship-bottom paint. Before using check the compatibility with PBM-Marine.

Q. What kind of paint have good chemistry with PBM-Marine?

A.Anti-fouling (A/F) paints preferably with cuprous / ferric oxide incorporated
(better to use self-polishing type or hydrolytic degradation type)

*Compatibility with paint  materials
Acrylic  = ○
Silicon= ○
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