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Q. How can I buy PBM Marine?

A.PBM-Marine is sold by special price to test efficiency in different condition. To purchase the product, tell us the detail of your ship through inquiry.

Q. Is PBM-Marine ship-bottom paint?

A. PBM-Marine is not ship-bottom paint but additive agent for ship-bottom paint. Before using check the compatibility with PBM-Marine.

Q. What kind of paint have good chemistry with PBM-Marine?

A.Anti-fouling (A/F) paints preferably with cuprous / ferric oxide incorporated
(better to use self-polishing type or hydrolytic degradation type)

*Compatibility with paint  materials
Acrylic  = ○
Silicon= ○

Q, How to add into paint?

A. Following concentration ratio to mix 6 - 8 % of paints, adding PacificBeamMOLD Marine into paints, we suggest to use the paint below, and stir well until it disperse evenly.

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