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PacificBeam "Earth-friendly & Safe to human!" & "Outstanding Effects"

Earth-friendly & Safe to human!

Based on medical experience

We, Pacificbeam Co., Ltd., have contributed to the society as the medical equipment company in Yokohama Japan since 1989. Through the business, we started to think how we can provide more safety and comfortable space for patients. Based on our experiences, PacificBeam is developed to help realization of comfortable living space for patients and other people.

PBM series -Biocide-

PBM series solves related problems with fungus such as elimination of odor and/or prevention of fungus, mold, bacteria, viruses, and marine organisms, barnacles and algae. If you want to add value to own products, PBM series will develop the potential of the products. PBM series covers wide range of lineups, powder type, water type, water dispersion type, solvent type, Moreover PBM series also has Anti-fouling agent which will solves a problem of barnacles and algae on ships.

To provide suitable agent in each situation, we always consultant individually and confirm ingredients and purpose. If you are interested in PBM series, please feel free to ask us from inquiry, we will reply as soon as possible.

If you want to use PBM's professional effect in household use, check Deo Spray and Deo Mist. Multifunctional and long-lasting effects of Deo Spray will eliminate odors of mold and prevent it. Just spray 2 or 3 times, it will solves wide range of problems with mold in your daily life. Deo mist is for more strong odor elimination in rooms. If you want to remove smells of tobacco in a car or smells of pet in house, why don't you try this instant and long lasting effects. Before giving up to solve those problems, please try PBM series.

Deo Spray and Deo Mist are sold in online shop (Japanese only)

PB series -Environmental products-

All of the PB series products are made from natural or inorganic materials, with our philosophy, Earth-friendly. PB series covers different powder and liquid deodorizing materials, made from natural ingredients, which are effective against tough smell and strong odor, with disinfection function.


PacifcBeam products has passed the Criteria for examination of the SIAA(Society of Industrial-Technology for Antimicrobial Articles) as follow:
-Acute toxicity test
-Primary skin irritation test
-Mutagenesis test
-Skin sensitization test

Delivery record

Mail Order Companies, Construction Companies, Building Material Companies, Shoemakers, Apparel Makers, Paint Companies, Paper mills, Food Factories, HealthCare facilities etc.

PBM Laboratory

PBM Laboratory conduct several tests which relate with mold.

List of tests

  • Mold-resistance test
  • Antibacterial activity test
  • Disinfectant test
  • Identification test
  • Identification test and determination of viable count
  • Algae resistance test

For offering tests and asking a question, vitit<>

PBM Laboratory Anti-microbial / Anti-mold test For any inquiry, click here.