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Q. What kind of things should I check before using?

A. Cover electronic devices, and take out the foods, drinks, tissues, and toys from room.

Q. How extensive a room is covered by a bottle.

A. 1 bottle is for eight to ten tatami mats in size.

Q. What kind of spaces are included in use application?

A. Deo mist is often used in garbage, smoking room to solves problems with odor. And Deo mist is also used in hospitals and hotels in Japan and oversea coutries.

Q. I need more strong odor elimination. Do you have a solution?

A. Maintain sealed condition for 8 hours to 24 hours after spray. 30 minutes, which indicated on induction, is enough to have effect, but to expect more powerful effect keep sealed condition as possible as long.

Q. Can I use PBM-Deo mist in bathroom?

A. PBM-Deo mist does not contain hardener, so it does not attach on surfaces.

Q. Air conditioner is fusty. Can Deo mist eliminate it?

A. During spraying, turn on the air conditioner about 2 hours, Deo mist will also coat on inside of the conditioner and eliminate the odor.

Q. Is it possible to import Deo mist from Japan.

A. Because Deo mist is aerosol can, it need to transport as dangerous goods. If you want to import Deo mist, ask through inquiry, our staff will imply to tell how to import our products.


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