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Apparent condition Fine powder Particle size Mainly consist of 5 μm
Color Off-white Presence of organic
and inorganic matter
Multiple agents of organic and inorganic matter
Odor Odorless Melting point 200~260 deg C
Behavior Not water soluble Stability temperature -40~310 deg C
Specific gravity 0.42±0.02    



By manufacturers

Application Ratio Application Ratio
Solvent based paint /primer/coating- clear type 0.1-0.7% Concrete 0.25-0.7%
Powder coating 0.25-0.7% Mortar 0.25-0.7%
Latex rubber, powder 0.25-0.7% Plaster 0.25-0.7%
Tile grout 0.25-0.7% Sand wall 0.25-0.7%
Resin - plastic (Knead powder without master batch) 0.1~0.5% Diatom earth 0.25-0.7%
Master batch (pullet) PP,PE, PET, ABS, PS, NYLON6, NYLON66 (Knead) make include PBM of 5% Master batch (paste) FRP, (Knead) make include PBM of 5%




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